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Recipes from the Leftover Donuts in Custom Printed Donut Boxes

When news about the first lockdown due to COVID reached us, we were eating out of dozens of custom-printed donut boxes. We were a group of nine friends who had traveled to our hometown to meet our parents. During our trip, we decided to rent out a cottage near the woods in our town. All of us had been hunting in these woods since our childhood. As the news of the lockdown flashed on our screens, three of us who were married decided to head back home. They had to leave mid-party to reach home before the curfew started. The six of us who remained behind wanted to be near our parents in this time of crisis. However, we decided to stay in the cottage we had rented. It belonged to my uncle, and we decided to split the rent among us. We were so depressed that we only nibbled at donuts from their custom-printed donut boxes and watched the news all day.

We decided not to visit our parents who lived nearby because we did not want to put their lives at risk. After all, seniors were more prone to catching the COVID virus. The next morning when I got up, I sifted through the printed donut boxes to find three vanilla-flavored donuts. I wanted my friends to feel better. Though it was a rough time, we all had to act and remain strong, supporting each other. We ordered basic groceries last night online. I took out a few eggs, milk, and sugar to whip them up and make French toast-inspired donuts for everyone. As I was preparing breakfast, almost everyone got up to its aroma and made their way to the kitchen, where I was waiting for them with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. I did not add any additional vanilla extract to the donuts when making breakfast. Post breakfast, we decided to finish all the donuts sitting in their printed donut boxes before ordering or cooking anything else. 

Fun meals out of printed donut boxes

We decided to divide the chores among ourselves and finish them within two hours. Our offices were going to deliver our laptops to us in a week, so we still had time on our hands to enjoy ourselves. Samantha deiced to make bread pudding from the leftover vanilla and chocolate donuts. We all loved the idea as we could easily pack a picnic in the woods. We finished our chores, got ready, wore masks, and were ready for a picnic in the woods. We decided not to meet and greet anyone and wave at them from a distance. Each of us carried our water bottles, hand sanitizer, and anti-bacterial wipes. We decided not to venture out far into the woods and instead sit by the freshwater stream, which was our favorite spot as kids. As we reached the stream, we washed and sat there reminiscing about our childhood.

After spending four to five hours in the forest and munching on the delicious pudding, Samantha had made, we all felt sleepy and decided to head back to the cottage. As we returned, we felt thankful for removing masks from our faces. We washed and napped for a while. When I woke up, the girls were enjoying watching a reality TV show. I joined them and binged on some movies as well. In the evening, by supper time, there was a knock on the door. When we opened the door, no one was in sight but, a pot of roasted chicken awaited us on the footstep. Moments later, we got a call from Claire’s parents, who wanted us to enjoy this time and eat healthily.

Perfect custom printed donut boxes for you

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